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Active Interest Radio is a fresh, new podcast network from Active Interest Media that reaches North America’s most passionate skiers, yogis, climbers, equestrians, and fitness enthusiasts.


Talk Healthy Today

Looking to create your best self? Whether it’s good-for-you lifestyle hacks, smarter ways to supplement, or tasty tips to fuel optimal health, Talk Healthy Today — brought to you by the folks at Better Nutrition, Amazing Wellness, Clean Eating, and Vegetarian Times — provides you the latest research, tools, and common sense tips you need to get and stay healthy… starting today!

Out alive from BAckpacker

Raging rivers, hungry bears, huge avalanches—no matter how prepared you are, a walk in the woods can go from innocent to disastrous in the blink of an eye. Out Alive is a new, eight-episode podcast series about real people who survived the unsurvivable. Each survivor takes you through what happened, from the packing mistakes to the missed signals to the plain bad luck, while experts and witnesses weigh in on how things went wrong.


Warren Miller Entertainment’s “Long Underwear” aims to get to know what makes professional skiers and snowboarders tick. From the highs and lows to the pet peeves, to the daily lives of professional athletes. Nothing is off limits, except the one rule: after introductions, there are no more mentions of skiing or snowboarding allowed. 


Empowered Entrepreneur, a business podcast for fitness professionals, is hosted by fitness industry veteran Pete McCall. Empowered Entrepreneur offers insights into niche marketing, funding, operations, systems, management, cash flow, and more, all through the fitness business lens.


The official podcast from The Team Roping Journal.


Ever wonder how fitness trends catch fire? Or whether popular exercise equipment and workout programs are based on actual science? Learn everything you wanted to know about exercise straight from the people who invent the products and create the workouts that make you sweat. 


Join host Kevin Riley for in-depth interviews with the pillars of the rock-climbing community. We’ll be speaking with athletes, writers and photographers, industry VIPS, and, of course, the Climbing editorial staff to discuss breaking news and the pressing issues of the day. Whether you’re an elite alpinist, a recreational sport climber, a die-hard trad climber, or a vFun boulderer—this podcast is for you

What Our LISTENERS say

YESSSSS! This got me amped for my next climbing trip. Next ep now please?

kikibirdie, about Climbing's Basecamp podcast

Amie does a great job of letting the guests be the stars of the podcast, but she can also keep them on-topic when necessary. Definitely worth a listen.

Johnny Ryall81, about WME's Long Underwear podcast